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Welcome to the World Persephone Shiraz Rahmanian

Introducing our new little bundle of joy- Persephone Shiraz Rahmanian. She was born on February 22nd and weighed 7 lbs 1 oz. She is named after the Greek mythology Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld, who’s story is one of love, grief, celebration and the changing of the seasons. Her middle name is after the city in Iran known for it’s poets, literature, flowers and wine.

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Our Strange Toddler Phases

Toddlers and their phases! They are so funny. Six months back, we were having some new issues with Valentino. He would do the craziest things, like take his poopy diaper off during nap time, wave it in the air and then stomp on it. Or during play time he would take all his clothes off, throw poop around his room (yes, physically throw it), then go hide in his closet because he knew he had done wrong. Then we would go into his room and see him peeking at us butt naked from inside his closet. He would then giggle and run away from me while I would chase him and then dump him in the bath for an intense scrubbing session.