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Valentino Rahmanian and His Ipad

Hi Everyone,

Today I learned how to climb the chair in my room for the first time so I can get to my iPad so I can play with it. I did it when mommy and daddy were not looking otherwise they may have stopped me from doing it.

Mommy and Daddy found it very funny how I got down from the chair. I don’t know why they laugh as my technique was very practical.

Enjoy the video of me doing this and don’t laugh at me:

About: Leila Rahmanian and Salar Rahmanian

Leila Rahmanian is married to Salar Rahmanian. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have three wonderful kids, two boys named Valentino Rahmanian and Caspian Rahmanian and a beautiful daughter named Persephone Rahmanian.