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Valentines Day 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I am obsessed with Valentine’s Day. I loved how in elementary school we would decorate shoe boxes and collect cards and candy from our classmates in the boxes. I loved going through my box, eating all the candy and reading everyone’s messages. As an adult, I loved giving and receiving gifts: chocolate hearts and roses, shiny red heart shaped boxes filled with goodies, heart jewelry, etc. I love how my first son was conceived on Valentine’s Day <3

Ok so I know it’s a corporate-marketing-consumer-exploiting holiday. But aren’t all holidays?

This year I told my husband what I wanted: macaroon trinket boxes. They are SO cute. I look at them and I want to eat them.



So because I’m 5 I went and splurged on fun festive things that I don’t need but that make me happy:


And then I put up hearts everywhere…….


And I made a pretty table spread, and then ate everything on the table:



Last year I did the same thing. Except I had more time to bake and make things like cheesecake cupcakes and heart shaped cakes. This year I have two babies instead of one so no time for making fancy strawberry cheesecake cupcakes.

Last year:


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