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Second Month of Ketogenic Diet

I lost 5 pounds during the month of April on the Keto diet. The previous month I lost 15….so overall I’m down 20 pounds. My husband has lost the exact same as me, but he snacks a lot more than me through the day. Men just lose weight easier and don’t have to work as hard. No fair.

Before starting this diet, I thought it would take me until July to lose 20 pounds. I cannot believe I lost it this fast.

This month, my carb cravings have actually diminished! I don’t dream of carbs anymore! The downside, however, is that there are not much food options on this diet. There’s only so much eggs you can have in a day. I’m starting to get sick of my options.

I used to get excited about food and eating. When my husband would surprise me with cupcakes, or take me out to a nice carb-rich dinner. Now I never get excited about food. Mostly because I’m not much of a meat person. I don’t particularly enjoy meat, and I had a much easier time when I went vegan a few years ago. I also don’t like fat. I hate steak with fat around it, and I much rather enjoy low fat whip cream than full fat. So I only eat to sustain my body. I never enjoy it.

Anyways, this month I ate much less than last month. I don’t get hungry that often. This is what I typically ate this month:

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with 3 pieces of turkey bacon, all fried in coconut oil. Three small balls of mozzarella cheese, and one sugar free Jello. Black tea with a dollop of heavy sugar free whipped cream.

Lunch: I’d skip lunch. Never hungry during lunch time. I may have a cheese stick and some Jello.

Dinner: Some kind of meat with veggies.

Late night snack: handful of nuts, and a sugar free popsicle.

Here’s a glimpse into what I ate the month of April.













This month I’ve also started doing yoga. I haven’t exercised or done yoga since before I had Valentino, so my body is completely out of shape and stiff. I figured instead of hardcore exercising I will start out with yoga, then slowly introduce more strenuous workouts.

I am hoping that with doing yoga every day that next month I will lose just as much (hopefully) as I did last month.

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Leila Rahmanian is married to Salar Rahmanian. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have three wonderful kids, two boys named Valentino Rahmanian and Caspian Rahmanian and a beautiful daughter named Persephone Rahmanian.