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Second Month of Keto

I have lost ten pounds this month!!!!!! Bringing my total weight loss for the past two months to:

24 POUNDS LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I didn’t even exercise! Well, I think running around after three kids counts as exercise though. Hubby has lost 5 pounds this month. Hooray for him.

Can I just say that I ate cake a few times this month also? I ACTUALLY ATE CAKE! It’s called KETO cake, and it’s delicious and low carb and yummy and tastes almost like the real thing. I also ate Keto cheesecake and Keto cheesecake brownies. AND I ATE MAC AND CHEESE TOO!!!! (cauliflower mac and cheese of course) but I mean seriously, who knew you could have your cake and eat it too? I love you Keto.

I’m so mad that no one told me about the Ketogenic diet when I was younger. Instead I tried everything else like restricting calories, being vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, Jenny Craig, working out at the gym for two hours a day…..all to no avail. I’d lose like max 1.5 pounds a month. Now I’m eating way more and losing crazy weight. So weird right?!!!! I love how I don’t have to count calories and can eat however much I want whenever I want.

Here is exactly what I ate last month that resulted in ten pounds being lost:

For breakfast every day I would just have KETO coffee, with lots of heavy whipping cream.




and on the weekends I would make Keto mug cake, and split it in half to share with hubby. I think it came out to something like 3 net carbs for each half of the cake. It’s made with coconut flour and maybe one day I’ll post the recipe.




Then I made some Keto cheesecake…….


And then I made keto cheesecake brownies. SO GOOD.


Ok but really, below are the real food I ate for all of last month, all of which were dinners.

This one is a Keto chicken tikka masala with cauliflower rice. We used the instant pot for this (for the chicken) and it was ready in no time! This was also my first time making cauliflower rice and it was surprisingly good!


Keto broccoli and sausage:


With parmesan crisps and heavy sour cream……


CAULIFLOWER MAC AND CHEESE……..and I threw in some broccoli florets and sausages too



Taco beef with salad:



Bunless cheeseburger with low carb ketchup


Deviled eggs and salami


Salmon and steamed broccoli drenched in butter:


Panera chicken salad:


Flank steak:


Meatballs and salad:


Shredded chicken and broccoli all drenched in butter:


Gyro without the bread, parmesan crisps:


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