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Resuming Ketosis

So the last time I wrote anything other than a “how to” post it was when I had a miscarriage, which was about a month and a half ago.

Since having the miscarriage, I’ve been feeling surprisingly well. Yes, having a miscarriage sucks, but no, it is not the end of your life. The weeks following the miscarriage were easier than I expected. I expected to be a mess and have postpartum issues (like turning a little psychotic, depressed, etc) but surprisingly it had the opposite effect on me. I became very excited to continue dieting and couldn’t wait to start my weekly weigh-ins. The first week after the miscarriage was difficult though. Not the emotional aspect so much as the physical. I didn’t feel sad but I felt exhausted! I bled for a week straight and would get dizzy every time I stood up. I was constantly tired, had headaches and was physically exhausted. For four days I slept and ate breakfast lunch and dinner in bed. I’m not going to lie- it was AWESOME having Salar do everything. I felt tired, but like I was on vacation. He would bring me room service daily and took care of the kids. I kind of loved it. Then after a week I was back to my old self.

Two weeks later both me and Salar started our Ketogenic diet again (after a month of eating carbs on the excuse that I was pregnant). During those two months of being pregnant, I gained 10 pounds. Now it’s been a little over a month that I have been dieting, and I’ve lost everything I gained during those two months of being pregnant. We did get sick with the keto flu after about two weeks of starting this diet again. I would become dizzy, would nearly faint, and would get heart palpatations. All that went away by the third week.

I started this diet after I fully recovered from my c section in March. I weighed 204 pounds. Now I’m in my 170’s! WOOHOO!!!! (Never in my life would I have thought to become ecstatic about weighing 170-something) I still have about 30 more pounds to go but I’m kind of half way to my goal weight. I’m so impatient though….I want to be skinny NOW! I can’t expect to have back to back pregnancies and still look like my twenty-something self (that’s what I tell myself every day).

What helps? Having no carbs in the house. I’m not sure I could do this if we had cakes and cookies around. I’m not sure I could do this diet if I were still a student or if I had to work outside the home. Being a stay at home mom makes this diet easier. I don’t see junk food, therefore I don’t eat junk food. I’m not sure I could survive while looking at someone eating a piece of cake. That would seriously make me cry. So I make Salar do all the grocery shopping, and he sticks to the list I give him. This is what a Costco run looks like when you’re on a Keto diet:


Who knew you can lose a ton of weight while eating all that…and this…….


About: Leila Rahmanian and Salar Rahmanian

Leila Rahmanian is married to Salar Rahmanian. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have three wonderful kids, two boys named Valentino Rahmanian and Caspian Rahmanian and a beautiful daughter named Persephone Rahmanian.