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Our Birthdays and Easter

We celebrated Pie’s birthday, hubby’s birthday, Easter and my birthday all back to back. It was tons of fun, but we were really low key about it all, as we are still trying to get settled (this starting all over and getting settled thing is hard work.)

We started out celebrating pie’s first birthday.

Then after pie’s birthday and during the beginning of March, we decided we reallyyyy needed to get back into Ketosis, after we gained all this weight during the month of February due to the big move and what not.

So for hubby’s birthday I made him a Keto cake!!! Made with coconut flour, eggs, butter and stevia…


And then we went out on a birthday date night (plus three)….. and we were SO good about maintaining our diet:



We were on a roll, until we saw the table next to us order our favorite dessert from that restaurant…..and then we completely lost it. We thought, special occasion right? What harm can one slice of cake do? Especially if we share it?

Well I didn’t want to share, so we had to get two.


Well that little blip led on to this:


and then to this…..


And then I gained 5 pounds from all the carbs and got mad at myself and swore never to eat carbs again, but then Easter came……

And I needed this in my life:


And then my birthday came, and I thought, well it’s not fair that hubby got to eat carbs for his birthday and not me……..

So then this is what happened:


And that led to this:


And this:


Well enough about our multiple blips. Keto, I promise to never cheat on you again (until the next special occasion at least.)

So for our birthdays I really wanted both of us to buy something that we really wanted. We never buy things for ourselves since having kids, and I thought it would just really be nice to shop for ourselves at least one day of the year.

Hubby wanted an ipad but was conflicted about buying one as the only thing I wanted was a curling iron and he thought that wasn’t fair for me to just buy a curling iron and him to spend a lot of money on an ipad.

So to make it appear “fair” he made me go on a HUGE ulta shopping spree and buy all this makeup and hair products (I threw all my old makeup away in VA before we moved) and some pretty containers to store them in. I still maintain that I would have been just as happy with only a curling iron, but he wasn’t having it.


That is literally all the makeup I own. I am embracing the minimalist life.

Hubby was so excited about his ipad. He is an apple product junkie.



We also had a mini daddy / daughter photo shoot since hubby’s birthday and Pie’s birthdays are only one week apart. How adorable are these two?


We celebrated our birthdays at a few restaurants too, and at each restaurant there was one person commenting on how well behaved our children are. This one lady raved about our kids manners, and how she’s a preschool principal and whatever we are doing we are doing it right, and that literally brought me to tears because people don’t understand how hard it is to raise little monsters and mold them into polite well mannered children. And I don’t know I just really appreciate it so much whenever some stranger walks up to us and tells us that. It is not by accident that they behave this way, nor is it genetics. It’s because of me and hubby have literally killed ourselves and have put SO much effort into teaching them and into discipline and all the structure etc.

Anyways, here are the little monsters,






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Leila Rahmanian is married to Salar Rahmanian. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have three wonderful kids, two boys named Valentino Rahmanian and Caspian Rahmanian and a beautiful daughter named Persephone Rahmanian.