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My Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our three year wedding anniversary. We celebrated by going to my favorite restaurant, (other than Cafe Renaissance) Mastros! They have just opened this month in DC and I have been over the moon ecstatic about it. We used to go to Mastros in California (in OC and LA) whenever we visited, and I would devour their famous butter cake, which is the best thing in this world that I have ever tasted. I seriously think they put some addictive substance in it.








Can you tell I’m obsessed with butter cake? (And no, Mastros is not paying me for this post.)

Anyways, I cannot believe it’s been three years already. I feel like our wedding was just yesterday. Where does time go? Sometimes I really miss those days. We call them the AMEX days (because we would put everything on the no-limit amex card). Those days before we had kids, where neither of us worked and we woke up at noon every day. We would be relaxed all the time. In the afternoons we would go visit my mom at Cafe Renaissance and chat over capuccino and lunch. Then we would go do something fun in the afternoon and then at nights we would go fine dining and then watch back to back episodes of 24 until we fell asleep. Most weekends we would travel. We traveled so much that I actually got sick of traveling. What I wouldn’t do right now to travel….to have those days back. To be whisked off to some exotic destination. Now going to Target is a luxury. Don’t get me wrong I love having kids, but I really do miss that relaxing and lavish lifestyle. It was then that my husband nicknamed me “foofool.” It means something along the lines of spoiled in Persian. I also miss being thin and shopping for clothes, but you know all about that.

So as I’m reminiscing and thinking back to my wonderful wedding and the events surrounding it…I can’t help but remember something that REALLY bothered me about my wedding. It has to do with a guest that I’m embarrassed to call my family member. I won’t name him out of respect for his daughter, but I will shame him.

What did this guest do? I had no idea of what he did until after the wedding. Apparently some guests from the grooms side of the family asked us if anyone had gotten hurt after the wedding, because they had seen a bad car accident close to our venue while on the way home. So then we got worried and asked around to see if anyone else had seen the crash and if they were our guests. Well apparently, a few of my friends saw it and they were crazy shocked.

What I was told by multiple people, was that this guest had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend outside of their car at our venue. Apparently he was really angry and abusive and was hitting his girlfriend and yelling and shouting. And to think he had a young daughter who was there as well. #badparenting.

Anyways, so after his tantrum, he got in the car with his girlfriend (he left his daughter behind with his sister and parents….thank god) and he wanted to drive off, but there was a truck or something blocking his way. There was a parking assistant who was directing traffic, and telling him to drive a certain way around the truck. He then apparently speeds toward this assistant, HITS HIM WITH HIS CAR, as the assistant tries to jump out of the way, and speeds off over the grass and flowers and bushes. Oh and also hits the fence of the venue and causes damage. And then not far from the venue he totals his car.

WHO DOES THIS??? Apparently someone with anger issues. He needs to take a class or something. Learn some better coping mechanisms.

So what happens next? On our way to Europe for our month long honeymoon….I get a sorry @$$ facebook message with him saying he is sorry but that it was basically the girlfriends fault because she was jealous of him dancing and having a good time. WHAT? Are you serious? You cannot be serious to blame the girlfriend. I don’t care if she was the biggest psycho you have ever dated in your life! That is NO excuse for your actions! Have some accountability!

Two months later, we met with our venue director to discuss our security deposit. We were definitely not expecting to get all our money back. We had a long conversation with the guy, Joe? who told us more details of what happened. He told us that he did not want to tell us that this happened on our wedding day because he did not want to ruin it. I really respect him for doing that because if he had told me then and there I would have become bridezilla and made a nice little shaming speech. Hmmm…maybe he should have told me. Anyways, Joe then gave us back our security deposit in FULL which I couldn’t believe….probably because he’s the nicest guy in the world. I’ll write an entry on how fabulous him and his venue are. But for now I’ll continue to vent. Joe also said he won’t press charges. If he did want to press charges though, I would have totally backed him up, because honestly, he had every right to.

Thinking about all that, three years later, still makes me angry. A lot of our guests saw it and said it freaked them out and because of that they left asap. What pisses me off the most about it, was that I invited him out of respect to many of my family members who are close to him and his family. I actually couldn’t invite many of my own friends, because the guest list was too long. I could only invite a certain number of people, and with both our big families, me and Salar were ruthless with cutting numbers. There were so many people I wanted to invite and couldn’t. If I were to have a do-over, he would have definitely NOT been invited.

You may wonder how I am related to this guest. He is my mother’s father’s half brother’s son. Apparently their whole family is kind of wack, as I heard his brother did something REALLY bad also and wrecked a family. Ya, this guest is a girlfriend beater and his brother is a homewrecker. Like seriously, where did these people come from? I think their dad beat them when they were little or something. Maybe they grew up in a messed up home….I really don’t know. Their mom is really sweet though.

Anyways, on a lighter note, here’s a trip down memory lane…..








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