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My Big Girl Bed

Shortly after I turned one, I said bye bye to my crib and got a big girl bed. I like my bed because I can climb on and off of it myself, and it’s pink!

This was the first night when I was introduced to my bed:





That first night, my parents left me on the bed, turned off the lights and left the room, and I didn’t even fuss a bit because I was just so amazed with my new bed. Little did I know they were spying on me through the camera to see how I was doing. They also put two mini mattresses on the floor on either side of the bed so that if I rolled off I wouldn’t get hurt. I didn’t roll off though because I am a big girl!!

The next morning my parents came to greet me and I was wide awake and just loving my new bed and giving my stuffed animals a hug.



Good morning sunshine!



Just enjoying a nap…..


Just giving more hugs <3


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Leila Rahmanian is married to Salar Rahmanian. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have three wonderful kids, two boys named Valentino Rahmanian and Caspian Rahmanian and a beautiful daughter named Persephone Rahmanian.