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Christmas Time 2018

The month of December is my favorite. We have two birthdays (the boys) and Christmas and time off and just taking a break from the mundane daily routines we have gotten used to.

I made a calendar filled with festive holiday fun activities, and we were all set to do a million and one things. BUT of course it doesn’t work out that way when you have kids.

This time it was Caspian’s turn to get sick. It happened while we were at our gym holiday event. He took a bite of a sandwich and then vomited everywhere, in front of everyone. Gotta love being a parent sometime.

At that same event, Pie decided she was terrified of Santa Claus….


So for a good two weeks he was extremely sick and would vomit non stop everywhere. Then when he started getting better, Valentino and hubby caught it and were both miserable for another 2 weeks. We had to cancel a ton of events. However, the ones we did make it to were wonderful, and everyone passed the worst of their sickness by a few days before Christmas Eve.

I wanted the kids to get used to attending concerts and plays, with proper etiquette and to appreciate the arts, so we attended a Christmas play and a holiday strings concert.

Let me tell you of a little conundrum I faced with my eldest. I took Valentino to the holiday strings concert (just me and him) as everyone else in the house was sick. We sat and as the concert began, we had to stand up for the national anthem. Well this five year old decided he didn’t want to stand. I was mortified. No child of mine will sit through the national anthem, EVER. I couldn’t exactly force him and raise my voice at him in the middle of a quiet room with everyone standing listening to the concert. So he eventually did stand, reluctantly, as I gave him the look of death and kept nudging him. Then after a good ten minutes he starts to get restless and starts talking, loud, and being a bit rowdy.


This is where difficult parenting decisions come into play. I yanked him out of there, fuming at him in the foyer of the event hall, being extremely firm, raising my voice without a care that other parents were staring at me like I was some mean monster. I grabbed his hand and left the concert, lecturing him big time the whole way home about how his actions were completely out of line, rude and unacceptable. Yes, he shed a few tears, and no, I did not want to do that. I wanted to shrug it off, go back in with him and continue watching the performance. I wanted to take the easy route and say kids will be kids, boys will be boys. But no- I shut it down instantly. So that he learned it’s NEVER ok to act like that at a performance, and that it is extremely disrespectful. The rest of the day he was put in time out and really learned the consequences of his actions. That’s all I wanted. For him to learn right from wrong, and how to be respectful.

So the following week there was a Christmas play that we all attended at our local high school, and…..guess who was the BEST behaved kid in the audience???? VALENTINO!!!!!! He was so awesome and had such great manners and was so respectful. I felt so proud. Love him so much.


The boys also had a holiday concert at their school, and I got to hear them sing jingle bells in Chinese and Spanish holiday music. I love that.



Oh- and did you know we had a little visitor from the North Pole? This little guy, Clyde the elf, our very own Elf on the Shelf, made us a north pole breakfast the first day of his arrival. Then every day he would find him in a different spot around the house. On the second day of his arrival Valentino touched him, and so Clyde lost his magic for two days and was MIA (in the elf hospital trying to get better and get his magic back) but then he came back and continued his shenanigans.



On Christmas Eve we went and had the kids take pictures with Santa, and for Christmas Eve dinner we went out to eat, to the same restaurant featured in Mrs. Doubtfire. What an amazing experience it was. The kids really enjoyed it and ate everything on their plates. People who live around here are so nice, we literally had 5 different people come up to us and compliment our kids etc. “What a beautiful family!” “No tablets, how wonderful!” “Can you teach a class on how you get them to behave like that?” I chuckled to myself and in my head thought- bribery and extortion. Haha ok kidding 😂.




Then after the boys went to bed on Christmas Eve Santa came and left the presents under the tree. This year it looks like he focused more on books and board games and interactive toys. Go Santa!


On Christmas morning the kids had a blast opening all their presents, eating a fun breakfast and playing with their all time favorite gift- a piano keyboard!


We also purchased Beauty and the Beast (one of my favorite Disney movies) and watched it in bed with all the kids. We don’t have a TV so we watched it on a computer screen, and the kids loved it as it was something novel, they never get to watch tv, let alone a movie!!! What a treat. The boys were familiar with the soundtrack as it’s their favorite music (They love the prologue song).


Then we had a wonderful Christmas dinner all together while listening to Christmas music on Alexa, courtesy of Santa Claus.




The rest of the Christmas break we celebrated our time off together by exploring more of San Fransisco and areas around where we live.

We went to the Fairmont hotel to see the famous decorations and gingerbread house, which is actually made of real gingerbread. How cool is that?




About: Leila Rahmanian and Salar Rahmanian

Leila Rahmanian is married to Salar Rahmanian. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have three wonderful kids, two boys named Valentino Rahmanian and Caspian Rahmanian and a beautiful daughter named Persephone Rahmanian.