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Caspians FIRST and Valentinos SECOND Joint Birthday Party

I cannot believe another year has passed and my babies are 1 and 2. Where has time gone?

So we threw them a joint birthday party because they are both December babies. We went with a hungry caterpillar birthday theme this year, as they both love reading the very hungry caterpillar book.

Since Valentino was born we throw a big birthday party every year, and it works for us because we combine birthday / holiday party and invite all our friends and family in one go. We are so busy the rest of the year and it’s so hard to get together with people. So we really look forward to seeing all the friends and family, who we may not see very often, at this event. We always choose a theme as well. Last year the theme was winter onederland.

So we always begin party planning a few months prior but this year we were just so busy that we only started planning it a few weeks before. It’s kind of really hard to throw a birthday party when you have little children, because you can’t just stop taking care of them to prepare for the party. They still need a lot of attention. So what I did was I gave my husband a shopping list that ran a mile long and made him run around like a headless chicken going store to store, assembling numerous christmas trees, shopping, shopping and more shopping, and also doing electrical outdoor lighting work (because I have OCD…..Obsessive Christmas Disorder). Needless to say, in the end it all worked out and the party was fabulous. We had a bunch of relatives come, along with some of Valentino’s friends from school. Valentino and Caspian had a blast socializing with their friends and family!

And here are some pictures of our Hungry Caterpillar themed birthday party:


The birthday invitations were front and back…… Caspian is wearing a hungry caterpillar costume (he was three months old in that picture) I used to dress him up all the time and then take millions of pictures of him in different poses. I did that with Valentino too. I’m an annoying mom like that.



Our little family. I love love love everyone in this picture. How hot is my husband? These little munchkins look like (cute) clowns in their matching birthday outfits. We are kind of obsessed with having their clothes match all the time.

You notice the two cakes? Yes, double the amount we needed and double the price. This was my husbands request, and I almost laughed when in all seriousness he asked me (with a concerned look on his face) “What would happen when they are older looking back at these pictures and their feelings get hurt because they see that they have only one birthday cake to share between the two of them??!!”

LOL! ok I said, 2 cakes it is!


I never try to save money or cut corners on the cakes. I’m lucky my husband agrees and gets just as excited as I do over cakes (as I tend to go overboard sometimes). I feel like they are the main focal point of the food and decor. They need to be fabulous. They were vanilla with chocolate buttercream, and tasted amazing. We used up one entire cake for the party and then froze the other one so we can enjoy it later. Our design and idea for the cakes were inspired by the hungry caterpillar book.










How cute are these fruit skewers? I found these little candy eyes, dabbed some icing on them, and stuck them on a strawberry. Valentino loved them as much as the cake! But after the party I found a bunch of these eyes all around my living room LOL. Maybe the kids thought they weren’t edible? Our dog would have had a blast if he were there (hubby dropped off Sir Edward at day camp for a fun day out).





For food we went with light appetizers and pizza. We had a Persian / Russian chicken potato salad (shown above) and also a caterpillar cheese sculpture, to go with the theme of our party. Don’t you just love those candy eyes?

We had a family friend visiting from Iran over, and she kept saying what cute snakes. We had to explain that they weren’t snakes, they were caterpillars. But how do you say caterpillar in Farsi?? I have no idea. Kerm? LOL….. Does anyone know??


Just hangin out with hubby….. You may be able to tell we lost a ton of weight. We are even wearing clothes that we had pre-babies! YAY we got our bodies back. I’ll tell you all about how I lost around 50 pounds in a separate blog.

Us and Caspian… (Valentino would not be still for a picture!)




We had teddy bears again this year for the kids to take home instead of a goody bag, along with a mini chocolate teddy bear and candy cane. The kids absolutely loved these cuddly bears.



Caspian and his grandpa, just hanging out.


I can’t tell you how much I have put these toddler tables and chairs to use. They are kind of a necessity in our house. I have sent hubby to multiple Costco’s to get these tables and chairs. They are just so sturdy and so much more affordable than the pricey pottery barn ones. I love you pottery barn…..but I kind of love Costco a little more.




So here’s the thing with Valentino, at school he will sit like this with his friends (like a civilized child) and eat all his food without getting up or doing naughty things like throwing his food everywhere and being petulant. At home, however, it’s a completely different story. We have to put him in his high chair or else he won’t finish his dinner and will instead choose to run all over the place. So we were VERY pleasantly surprised that he sat down here (at home) like a gentleman and ate all his food without getting up once! Is it because maybe that’s what his friends are doing and he wants to do what they are doing? I don’t know but that’s awesome! We would totally have his friends over every night for dinner just so he can eat like this every night. It was just fascinating for us.


The Izze drinks always turn out to be the most popular, but we prefer champagne….and this year I actually drank it because I’m not pregnant woohoo! To make the champagne red we put a splash of grenadine, and for green we added Midori. We wanted the drinks to be red and green so they can go with the hungry caterpillar theme.








Presenting the smash cake. He was totally inspecting it….for a while. I’m not even sure he ate any of it. Maybe he didn’t realize that it was meant to be eaten, as we have never given him cake before. He did enjoy mashing it up though!

I dabbed some frosting on his nose and cheeks for cute factor.


















toddler_birthday_fun_games toddlers_playing_birthday









At the end of the night Valentino became super hyper and did not want the night to end! He ran around the house chasing his friend from school. Caspian was so worn out that he fell asleep in his bouncy! It was the cutest thing!

We are so glad that Valentino and Caspian had an amazing birthday.

We love them both so much.

About: Leila Rahmanian and Salar Rahmanian

Leila Rahmanian is married to Salar Rahmanian. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have three wonderful kids, two boys named Valentino Rahmanian and Caspian Rahmanian and a beautiful daughter named Persephone Rahmanian.