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Baby Just Loves to Eat

As Valenitno grows, so does his appetite. He is constantly eating and then gets upset when he finishes his food. So then I give him more and then he eats too much and throws it up :p Instead of cooking for him every day (which is hard now as I’m pregnant and always tired) I cook for him once a week and then store and refigerate or freeze the food in these handy containers. They are microwavable and bpa free.

I try not to give him store bought baby food. There is something I don’t trust about fruits, veggies and meats all being kept at room temperature on the shelves for a long time.


I have this rice cooker that steams also. I’ll fill it with veggies or fruits, steam, smash, and then store. It makes life easy. I’m trying to get his palate used to different tastes and textures. I don’t want him to be a picky eater.

Valentino loves cauliflower and tomato mix. I’ll steam them and then put them in a grinder.



He also likes to eat bell peppers and spinach:



One thing we cannot live without is a crock pot. It is so convenient for cooking meat in for baby. It’s by far the easiest way to make baby food. The meat becomes so tender and falls apart so easily, making it perfect for baby to chew on.

Every few days I’ll throw in a bunch of chicken breast, veggies and low sodium chicken stock into the crock pot. I’ll cook it on high for 4 hours, and then we will have dinner for all of us, and I’ll store some away for Valentino.



For Valentino’s dinner I’ll mix in some yogurt with his chicken and veggies. Ok so it doesn’t look very appetizing but he absolutely loves it.


Another one of his favorites, broccoli and cauliflower.



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